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What if there was a way you could give back to those in need while also promoting your company, group, or event?


At Do Good Promotions, our passion is to HELP YOU promote your company, group, or event while also HELPING OTHERS with a portion of every sale going to charity.


Do Good Promotions was brewed up during some coffee talk at work between 2 friends who were colleagues for over 5 years in the promotional product industry. They shared a common passion for helping others both professionally and charitably. They thought, “What if we could continue to grow in our expertise within the promotional product realm and give back to charity with every order we receive”? NOW WE CAN AND DO HELP OTHERS WITH A PORTION OF EVERY ORDER GOING TO CHARITY.



Thank you for your consideration to work with us and help make a difference in our world.



Please take a look at the Charities tab to see who we are working with this year and let us know if you want the proceeds from your order to go to a specific charity.


Let’s help one another DO GOOD for others!